Silvio Andrea

SilvioAndreaHello there, my name is Silvio Andrea, and I am a freelance journalist, and a designer currently residing in Palermo, Italy. As you can tell from the name of my blog this blog is not going to be about me (my friends who are reading this are probably laughing right now, – “whaaat…Silvio? Something you create is not going to be about you? Serious? “haha. They call the egocentric egomaniac for some unknown reason.

Anyways, – I found Pink Floyd when I was sixteen or seventeen years old. I remember my friends, and fellow classmates were getting into rave music, all that weird, baggy, druggy (I’m not saying that psychedelic Pink Floyd rock music was not druggy in the way, – but it’s different kind of drugginess if you know what I mean, – sure you do). Anyways, they were getting into that modern (back then) music scene, and somehow all I wanted to, and all I wanted to look at was rock music from the past. The doors, the beatles, the rolling stones, the kings – amazing bands. Nevertheless they were all lacking substance or me. Maybe the doors, and the lizard king himself – they were kind of close – close to that source from witch only the best dark things descends.

Anyway, – and then I found Pink Floyd, – to be more precise, – the first thing I found was Syd Barret, and then, – I got into his band (I found his solo records first, – and I was fascinated by the dark madness the records were filled with). Then I got into the band itself, – first few super dark pop singles, Arnold Layne, Apples and Oranges – incredible.

Then I started reading about other band members and Roger Waters came across,- what a fascinating person, fascinating musician and individual. Living legend. So I dedicate this website to Roger Waters and his loving fans.